Calf Injury

Well, it’s been a while since I posted on here. Training and racing was going really well, until I tried to change my trainers again. I purchased a brand new pair of On Cloudflyer, because they had an increased amount of rubber on the outside edge of the “clouds” on the sole.
Cloudflyer Black and White

Now, initial fit was excellent, and they felt really good on my feet. I went out for a run, and 4km in, I could feel my right calf become really tight, and after 7km, I was walking, and had to cut my run short. 

I contacted On, and initiated the 30 day return, which was no issue what so ever. 

I gave it a couple of days rest, and went out again on my usual route, in a pair of my older trainers. 1.1km in, I felt a POP in my calf, and couldn’t walk! Luckily, a nice family stopped and offered me a lift back, otherwise I’d have been walking. As soon as I was back, I applied ice to try and prevent swelling, and immediately contacted my physio who booked me in for Monday morning (the following day). 

I had an hours physio session, which included acupuncture and deep tissue massage. I’ve not ran since, and it’s starting to ease up (no pain when walking), so today, I’m hopefully going to attempt a VERY slow 5km jog. 

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