On Cloudracer

Awarded performance running shoe

Brand New On Cloudracer Brand New On Cloudracer

These were my second pair of On running shoes. My first pair were the On Cloudsurfer. Having got on really well with the “cloud” design, I wanted a pair of faster shoes for training and racing in. These fit the bill perfectly.

From the On website:

Runner Profile: Well-trained runners who like to run fast
Goal: Compete and win
Heel-toe offset: 5mm
Weight: 230g

Purchased in January 2017 direct from the On website, they arrived 3 days later via UPS. The two photos above were taken shortly after unboxing at my desk at work.

The First Run

First time out in them, and decided to take it nice and steady initially. I don’t like going out for quick / pace runs in brand new trainers. Past experience has shown that it takes around 20km to bed my feet into a new pair.

A Few Months In
I’d been training for my first Half Marathon of the year since January, and these were now my primary training shoes, doing most of the speed and distance runs in them. At the start of April, I left a review on the On website for these shoes:

I switched to these race shoes from a pair of Scott Race Rockets. After having a pair of Cloudsurfers, I wanted something lighter for racing in. As these were my first pair, I’ve also been doing most of my training in them, and while they are excellent for speed work, the soles are wearing out pretty fast. I’m doing around 45km a week in them training for a half marathon, as I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with them for the race. I’ve just done 230km total distance, and the outside edge “clouds” are pretty worn. The rest of the shoe is still in really good condition. Race is next Sunday, and hoping for a PB in them! Will replace with another pair once they are fully worn out.

So, even after only 230km, they were starting to show signs on wear on the bottom, with the logo on the outer edge clouds having been scrubbed off.

Sheffield Half Marathon PB Race

7 Months, about finished
Fast forward to August, having done several 10k races, and managing to get a new PB in the Half Marathon in April, the Cloudracer are about at the end of their functional life span. Total distance covered as of today (11.08.2017) is 495.4 km according to Strava.


The left side has slip open, and the clouds have split where they are compressed during the landing phase of the foot strike. They have been run pretty hard, as most of my runs in them were at the higher end of of my pace zones. Overall, these have been my favourite pair of running shoes I’ve had in the 7 years I’ve been running. They certainly won’t be for everyone, and the prospect of having to replace them more frequently than a lot of other brands (I regularly get 1,000km + out of my Nike Lunarglides) will be another negative point, considering their premium price tag.

They are being replaced with a pair of On Cloudflash, which should hopefully be here by the middle of next week.

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